Put your trust in God; be convinced that without Him, you can do nothing!

-Mother Clelia Merloni


Through the intercession of Mother Clelia

In return, my God will provide for all your needs, according to his glory, in Jesus Christ.


O Sacred Heart of Jesus, you who filled your servant Clelia with a profound love for the riches of the graces of your Heart, deign, we beseech you, to make use of her virtues, to draw many persons to the knowledge and love of your Sacred Person, and, if it be your holy will, that she be glorified on earth so that we may have recourse more and more to her intercession and may learn from her example to devote ourselves humbly and generously to your divine service.



Prayer to the Blessed Trinity to obtain graces through the intercession of Mother Clelia Merloni.

O Most Holy Trinity, you who exalt the humble and confound the proud, deign to hear my prayer, granting me, through the intercession of Your faithful servant, Mother Clelia, the grace I ardently desire.

Glory be (3x)

Imprimatur † Remigio Ragonesi
Viceregente – Arciv. Tit di Ferento
Dal Vicariato di Roma, 19/XI/1991


Blessed Clelia Merloni,
lover of the Heart of God,
we entrust ourselves to your intercession.
Place before the Most Holy Trinity our confident prayer,
which pours out from our weary and overburdened hearts
in this time of pandemic.

Blessed Clelia Merloni,
you persevered in times of trial.
Help us to trust in the saving presence of God,
who urges us to live with active faith and civic responsibility.

Blessed Clelia Merloni,
you let yourself be gripped by Love’s contagion.
Support the doctors and healthcare workers fighting on the front lines,
relieve the suffering of the sick,
console those who are lonely and destitute
Bolster the charity of so many willing volunteers.

Blessed Clelia Merloni,
pray for us,
so that, filled with the joy of the Gospel,
we may be as a sip of water to all those whom we meet,
parched with thirst as they seek meaning in the desert of this world.


Don Nicola Galante


Dialogue with God

Prayer is an elevation of our mind and our heart to heaven; it is an intimate conversation with God…


I have a God in me, and thus I am a temple, a sanctuary, an altar which holds the divinity surrounded by countless celestial spirits who adore him and render him their homage. I unite myself to you, O Blessed Spirits, I love and adore my Jesus with you. Ah, make up for, O celestial Spirits with the purity and the ardor of your homage and of your love, the weakness of my sentiments, let me unite my heart to yours and my spirit to yours to form a single heart and a single spirit to think of Jesus, to adore him, to love him, to praise him, if not as much as he deserves, at least as much as you are able.


O my beloved Eucharistic Jesus, give me, I pray, the true spirit of an adorer so that I may adore you day and night and may make reparation for the outrages you receive in the Eucharist.

I unite myself to all the holy souls who adore you on our altars, and to all those who will adore you throughout the ages, thus rendering my eternal homage, my love and my sorrow for having so offended you in this most marvelous mystery of your love.


O MARY, as spouse of your Jesus I am your daughter, Help me, therefore, because I WANT TO BECOME A SAINT. I know I shall have to love humility, oblivion, charity, to look for the last place everywhere and always to conquer and annihilate my pride, but it does not matter, I am resolute, I WANT TO BECOME A SAINT. I shall have to exercise extreme charity toward my neighbor, love him, bear with him and not complain when he may be unjust towards me, but nevertheless I WANT TO BECOME A SAINT. I know too that I shall always have to act in a spirit of faith, of penance. I shall have to do everything under the gaze of God who is watching me, I shall often be troubled and will have to resist all my natural inclinations, but nonetheless I WANT TO BECOME A SAINT. I shall have to make every effort in Chapel to pray fervently, avoid distractions and give good example by my demeanor and recollection, and no matter how painful it will be for me, I WANT TO BECOME A SAINT AT ANY COST. How can I become holy? Doing the best I can the actions of my day to day. Many saints in Heaven did nothing more than what I am doing here … I want to perform every action as though I afterwards would have to offer it in homage to God and to the Most Holy Virgin. Oh yes, my God, yes, I ALWAYS WANT TO DO ALL OF MY ACTIONS WELL. I WANT TO BECOME A SAINT!


MY GOD, I adore you, I love you with all my heart, with all my soul.
MY GOD, I bless you for all you do and want to do.
MY GOD, I believe all that the Church teaches me to believe, and would willingly give my life to defend the faith.
MY GOD, I give you my heart, my life, my future, my whole self…. Forever.
MY GOD, I hope in you, in your pardon, in heaven.
MY GOD, I shall do all for you this day, this month, this year, always, until I breathe my last breath …. nothing, nothing to satisfy myself.
MY GOD, I will observe your commandments, your counsels, your inspirations.
MY GOD, I praise you and want to praise you with my lips, in my actions, by my sufferings.
MY GOD, receiving you in Holy Communion, I do not want for one instant to forget your presence.
MY GOD, I want you to be my nourishment… O Divine Eucharist, grant that I may seek you and always prepare a pure heart for you!
MY GOD, I shall obey you … Speak, Lord … Your unfaithful spouse is ready! …
MY GOD, I shall pray … much … I feel the need to pray. Give me love for prayer! …
MY GOD, I shall sacrifice myself! … What do you want me to avoid today?
MY GOD, I submit myself to you in everything … Oh! How wise, how good is your divine will ….
MY GOD, I shall be silent in moments of restlessness, ill temper and impatience.
MY GOD, I unite myself to your angels, to your saints, to my poor daughters who love you and like them,
I too want to love you!