Caridade - Madre Clélia Merloni

In all things and everywhere, charity

“Use charity with a sweet and serene look, with an affable air, with sweet and cordial words; use an indulgent charity, always taking it in a good way and favorably interpreting all that is said; excusing others even at your own expense as far as prudence permits.”  

You should not show any discontent because of the coarseness or infirmity of your neighbor. You are to accept with affability and sweetness their advice, reprehensions, and mortifications, whatever they may be. Guard your words and your manner so as not to say anything nor do anything that may displease, but say and do all that conscience permits and is amiable. You must show them affection, render them services with joy, and charitably interest yourself in all that they need. When others are speaking, you are to listen without permitting yourself to interrupt what they are saying; you should willingly acquiesce to their feelings as far as your conscience permits; avoid speaking of yourself or of that which could draw to yourself the esteem and praise of others.   See to it that zeal for good may sanctify your conversation, console your neighbor in his sadness, encourage him in his doubts, strengthen him in his weakness, lift him up in his discouragement, give him good counsel and exhort him to return to God and to virtue.

You should not treat others with arrogance, nor with austerity, nor contradict what others say. Finally, we must conduct ourselves in such a way that no one will have cause to complain about us, that all may be edified by our manner of comportment.   If the people with whom you converse displease you, it is necessary to hide the inner repugnance that they inspire in you under a gracious demeanor and not allow anything sad, annoying, or austere to be conveyed through words or actions, because charity obliges us to have compassion on them and to give them good example, so that they may amend their defects by which they render themselves displeasing.

Try to make your conversations edifying. Your mouth is to be the expression of the sentiments of your heart.

I bless you all with all my heart and in Jesus I remain,   Your most affectionate Mother