Como ovelha desgarrada - Madre Clélia Merloni

Like a little lost lamb

Dearest daughter in Jesus Christ,

I have already told you — and I repeat to you — that you have an extreme need to distrust yourself and to throw yourself with complete confidence into the Heart of Jesus, expecting and waiting for every good thing, help and gain from Him alone. You, who are nothing of yourself, are not permitted to expect anything of yourself but continuous falls. If, in order to obtain His help, you arm your heart with a filial confidence in Him, you will be able to obtain from the loving divine Jesus great victories. And this you will be able to obtain primarily by humbly asking it of Jesus; secondly, by transporting yourself and seeing with the eye of faith the omnipotence and infinite wisdom of God for whom nothing is impossible or difficult and that He, being goodness personified, is always ready to give hour by hour and moment by moment all that you need for the spiritual life and total victory over yourself, so long as you throw yourself with full confidence into His loving arms.

And could it be possible that our Divine Shepherd, who for thirty‐three years has pursued the lost sheep with such loud cries that He became hoarse and along paths that were so difficult and thorny that He shed all His blood and died, now that you, dearest daughter, as His little lamb are following Him, obeying His commands, with the desire to obey Him, calling after Him and begging Him, could it be possible that He not turn His life‐giving eyes to you, that He not listen to you and not put you on His divine shoulders, rejoicing with all His neighbors and Angels in heaven?

How could it be possible that Jesus would abandon that little lost lamb who very loudly called out to its Shepherd? How is possible to ever believe that when Jesus, who continuously knocks at the heart of a person with the desire to enter in and dine with him and communicate His gifts, that when the person opens the door of his heart, He pretends to be deaf and does not want to enter?  

Listen, my daughter: Whenever it occurs to you to do something and to undertake some battle and overcome yourself, before you decide to do that, remind yourself of your weakness, and then, turning toward the power, wisdom and divine goodness and confiding in that, decide to fight and to work generously. And with these weapons in hand and with prayer, fight and work generously.

Don’t cease to repeat with your mind and with your heart this short prayer: “Blood and Wounds of my Jesus, be my strength, my energy, my weapons in the spiritual, moral, physical and temporal battles. Be my victories, my merits, my virtues.”  

You will also say: “Oh, my Mother, transform me according to the desires of the Heart of Jesus.”

Please tell your good Superior and Sisters that I send a blessing to all — no one excluded — so that you may distance yourselves from every shadow of sin and all may walk with giant steps along the narrow way of the Saints according to the designs of God for each of you.

I implore upon you, daughters, the maternal blessing of Most Holy Mary so that your hearts, blessed by her, may become fertile with the flowers and fruits of true sanctity.