Dias de Provação - Madre Clélia

In days of trial, revitalize your confidence

Dearest daughter in Jesus Christ,

Drive far from yourself, my daughter, this fear you have that God has abandoned you.  No, daughter!  Jesus loves you and with a love of predilection.  You must not worry if Jesus has not yet granted your prayers.  Often Jesus does not give immediately what is asked of Him, but this is no indication that He ceases to love you; rather, He gives you other graces of which you are totally unaware.  At any rate, you must suffer this delay peacefully, without failing in that filial confidence and submission to His most Holy Will, which are virtues that please Jesus very much.   He has promised us His aid in every circumstance and that He will never abandon us.  

If, then, Jesus delays in listening to you, appears to refuse to give you the grace you ask of Him, you must convince yourself that this is according to the plans of His Fatherly love for you.  He wants to try you, augment your faith, increase your merits, form you by the exercise of patience.   Never permit yourself any complaint either exteriorly or interiorly, but always adore His plans and good pleasure. In days of trial, revitalize your confidence.  Remember that, to persevere in prayer, God has promised His aid; and perseverance cannot take place unless God delays in granting us His graces.  

You ought to pray to Jesus in this way:  “Yes, my God, it is because you delay in hearing me, that I have hope that you will listen to me; and the more You push me away, the more I will abandon myself, with confident fervor, into your paternal arms.”

Now I leave you at the feet of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament so that you may pour out to Him your sorrows, your fears, your desires, and pour out all the intensity of your filial love.  Be very certain that He, the Consoler of the afflicted, will comfort you and guide you to practice all those virtues which He wants to see adorn the delightful garden of your soul.    Always be generous with Jesus and He will be very generous with you.

I must tell you now to be very careful because there is a thief who is so clever that you may fall victim to a theft in an instant.  This same thief is very dangerous ‐‐ and his name is self‐love.   In the event that, to your misfortune, it makes its presence known through its pestiferous breath, take refuge immediately in the arms of Jesus and recommend yourself to Him that He may hurry to your aid and free you from that thief.

I bless you maternally and with you I bless all the Sisters at your house, wishing everyone the choicest blessings of the Heart of Jesus so that you may love Him ever more and may never displease Him ever again.

In Jesus I remain, Your most affectionate Mother