espirito-santo - Madre Clélia Merloni

Pray to the Holy Spirit that He may instruct you in Wisdom

Dearest daughter in Jesus Christ,

You must pray to the Holy Spirit, that He may instruct you in Christian wisdom; pray much until He inspires in you a love for it and the practice of it.  This wisdom, which is, after all, that of the Saints, is the life and peace of the soul, the teacher, the guardian and the directress of virtues.  Do you know, my daughter, what Christian wisdom is?

1)  It consists of proposing as the primary and principal purpose of all your actions, the glory of God and your eternal salvation.    You are to consider all creatures and all events as means ordered toward the attainment of this purpose.  Jesus Himself tells us:  “What does it profit a person to gain the whole universe if one loses one’s soul?”  Remember, daughter, that aside from eternal salvation and the glory of God, all is nothing and should not be held in any account.

2)  Christian wisdom consists of using the best means possible to attain it, not those which are offered to us by our senses or our reason unaccompanied by faith, but those which the holy and true maxims of the Gospel and the examples of Jesus Christ show us; in short, in all things we must search for the Will of God, which is the rule of all perfection.  Strive to do all you can to submit to that holy wisdom with love and obedience. The areas where the Will of God is manifested are:  to want to prefer for yourself a disdain of honors, poverty rather than riches or life’s comforts, and suffering instead of pleasure simply because that is what your divine Spouse Jesus did.

3)   You must be vigilant so as not to let escape from you occasions to put these means into practice; you must be vigilant over small occasions as well as great ones, in order to be equally faithful in all of them; be careful of your words so that you say only what is useful and always for your own good and that of others; watch attentively over your actions that they may have as their goal the glory of God, the sanctification of your soul and a holy zeal to do good for others.  Be watchful especially over yourself that the enemy may never catch you off guard.

If you call on the Holy Spirit, who is totally divine wisdom, He will come to you and fill you with His light.  When His holy light will have illumined your intellect and your spirit, then you will feel spurred on, drawn to pursue the way of holiness, and everything that surrounds you on a natural level will seem to you to be only mud and rottenness.

Christian wisdom is beautiful in the eyes of God for the innocence of life that it teaches, for the rectitude and purity of intentions that it inspires; beautiful in the eyes of people who cannot deny their esteem for it and are drawn by it to love the faith; beautiful in itself because of its noble simplicity, because of the elevation of its sentiments, because of the great virtues it inspires and the eternal glory to which it leads.    Through Christian wisdom all of us can be saved, while without it, we condemn ourselves.  In receiving Christian wisdom you will be happy in your present life.  Your heart will be at peace; your conscience, tranquil.  By means of it you will taste the delicious joys of innocence and of the friendship of God.  Without this holy wisdom you will find nothing but vanity and affliction of spirit.   You will feel flushed with remorse and unhappy with yourself.   You will feel yourself disdained, discouraged, even losing your self‐respect which is the worst misfortune that could afflict a person.

Oh, how precious is Christian wisdom!  Ask God insistently for the grace of having Wisdom preside over all your counsels, over all your judgments, over all the acts of your life.  When you write to me I will discern from your writing if you have obtained this grace which is indispensable for anyone who is to pursue the way of perfection.  Offer to God all the sacrifices which the generosity of your heart dictates in order to obtain this grace because it is of the utmost importance for the sanctification of your soul.

I bless you with all my heart and with you I bless all my good daughters there.  I ask that each of you receive Holy Communion for nine Fridays according to the intentions of your poor and  Most affectionate Mother