saborear o Senhor - Madre Clélia Merloni

To Experience the Lord in order to fall in love with His Will

Dearest daughter in Jesus Christ,

You are to have a great deal of trust in the Lord, who, while calling you, says to you:  “Come to Me you who are afflicted and burdened, and I will refresh you.  You who are thirsty, come to the fountain.”

You must follow this movement and divine call expecting to receive with it the impulse of the Holy Spirit so that you may, resolutely and blindly, throw yourself into the ocean of divine Providence of the eternal good Will, begging that it be fulfilled in you and that you be carried by these most powerful waves of divine pleasure, and without any resistance on your part, be transported to the port of your particular perfection and well‐being.   Having made this act, which you must repeat many times a day, strive and study, with as much assurance as you are able, interiorly as well as exteriorly, and with all the powers of your soul, to draw near to the things that excite you and make you praise God.

Always, these acts are to be without force or any violence to your heart so that they may not, because of indiscretions and awkwardness, weaken you and perhaps even harden you, and so, render you incapable of anything.

Guard yourself against forcing tears or any other devotion through the senses; but remain peaceful in your interior solitude, waiting for the divine Will to be fulfilled in you.  The key by which the secrets of spiritual treasures are opened is the denial of self at all times and in all things; and this same key locks the door to insipidness and aridity of mind when these are caused by our own fault; but when these come from God, they are united with the other treasures of the soul.

As much as you are able, try to remain, with Mary Most Holy, at the feet of Jesus and listen to what He is saying to you.  Be on guard that your enemies (the greatest of which is yourself) don’t become obstacles to this silence; and know that when you go to look for God with your intellect in order to rest in Him, you are not to set limits or make comparisons with your weak imagination because He is infinite wherever you may find Him.  You will find Him in your own soul every time you look for Him sincerely, that is, when you look for Him and not for yourself.

During meditation, don’t stay so bound to the points so that you want to meditate on them alone; but wherever you find refreshment, stop there and enjoy the Lord in whatever way He wants to communicate Himself to you.  And even if you should put aside what you had planned to do, don’t be scrupulous, because the whole purpose of these exercises is to enjoy the Lord.   The intent, however, is not to choose enjoyment as the primary goal, but to become more enamored of His works with the firm resolve to imitate Him as much as we are able.

One of the obstacles to true peace and quiet is the anxiety that is experienced in similar works binding the spirit and dragging it after this or that thing, forcing God to lead us by the road that we want, and forcing  ourselves to walk where our own imagination brings us while thinking we are doing His Will.  This is nothing other than searching for God while fleeing from Him, and wanting to please God without doing His Will.

You, daughter, are to have no other intention or desire than to find God; and wherever He shows Himself to you, stop everything and don’t go any further unless you have His permission, forgetting everything and resting in Jesus.  

Meditate well on what I have written and, at the feet of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, decide whether you are well disposed to follow His divine Will or to do your own

I wholeheartedly bless you.    

Your most affectionate Mother